Variable Capital Company (VCC)

Variable Capital Company (VCC)

Allowing greater ease and flexibility while providing privacy, tax efficiency and many other advantages

The VCC is a new legal entity structure for all types of investment funds in Singapore. This new structure can be formed as a single standalone fund, or as an umbrella fund with two or more sub-funds, each holding different assets and also able to complement the existing suite of investment fund structures available in Singapore. Investors under a VCC structure can redeem or subscribe into the open-ended investment funds at their discretion, while close-ended fund does not allow investors to do either actions.

Our Services

1. Design VCC structure
Based on your specific needs and assets holdings, we design a tax compliance and efficient VCC structure that is relevant for your circumstances.

2. Implement designed VCC structure
Assisting with the incorporation of legal entities, the appointment of positions, and exemption applications.

3. Employment Pass Application and renewal
We will assist in the write-up and application of the employment passes for the executives.

4. Corporate and Private Banking Set Up
Providing recommendations, documentation and assistance for bank account opening in Singapore.

5. Accounting & Tax
Our experienced professionals to provide accounting and tax services to ensure that compliance requirements for VCC are met.